Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth
Align Appropriate Process 

Are your employees using the most appropriate process for the type of innovation you need to deliver on? 

Most organizational flowcharts provide a map of the intersection between people and operational processes that has been created to achieve organizational goals.   At the high end of this chart would be management, operational, and supporting processes with sub-processes being linked to such activities as purchasing, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, research and development, etc.  It is through the design and use of processes that things get done, and therefore, an important function to define.


Defining Process

In our work we define process as
            “a set of focused activities that produce an intended product,”

Looking at our Systemic Model for Organizational Innovation above helps remind us that products (tangible or intangible) are the output of process, and that process is driven by people in the workplace (internal and or external).  Innovation always starts with the creativity in people.

Below are listed a few of our solutions to your possible “people” needs.  Click on any of the pictures or links to find out more about one of our solutions for that need. 



   If your strategic

   requirement is to

        and you need

     here are some of our solutions

… everyone to be proficient
    at aligning the most
    appropriate process to the
    type and level of innovative
    product required by the



…employees skilled  in
& processes
creatively solve
    and take
advantage of
    emerging  opportunities.


…guidance in leveraging the
    creative and innovative
    aspects and capabilities
    between people, process,
    products, and workplace




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