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Assess Workplace Climate

The Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) measures people’s perceptions of the climate for creativity, innovation and change in their immediate working environment.  The SOQ is used to help foster and maintain a climate that can support innovation and change.

The SOQ is an assessment tool that measures the climate for creativity, innovation, and change created by organizations, teams, and leaders. The multi-method measure utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data to yield powerful results.

Over 50 years of extensive research, development, and testing make the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) what it is today. The SOQ is a reliable, valid and useful measure built upon a solid statistical foundation. It is based on the early works of Dr. Göran Ekvall, a world renowned Swedish climate researcher.

The power behind the SOQ is that it is designed to make real, lasting innovation and change happen. The measure has been utilized by over 10,000 individuals, in 100 organizations, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.  The SOQ assesses the climate and context for change within an organization using the nine dimension model below.

The Situational Outlook Questionnaire® measures 9 Dimensions of Organizational Climate:

Challenge & Involvement

The degree to which people are involved in daily operations, long-term goals, and visions
Freedom The degree of independence shown by the people in the organization
Trust/Openness The emotional safety in relationships
Idea-Time The amount of time people can, and do, use for elaborating new ideas
Playfulness & Humor The spontaneity and ease displayed within the workplace
Conflict  The presence of personal and emotional tensions (a negative
    dimension – in contrast to the debate dimension)
Idea-Support The way new ideas are treated
Debate The occurrences and disagreement between viewpoints, ideas,
    experiences, and knowledge
Risk-Taking The tolerance of uncertainty and ambiguity

The SOQ also includes Three Key Questions:

In order to provide a deeper understanding of the working environment, the SOQ also asks three open-ended questions so that participants can provide more specific detail about:

  • What’s most helpful and supportive to their creativity?
  • What’s hindering their creativity?
  • What specific recommendations or concrete actions would improve the climate for creativity and

The Situational Outlook Questionnaire® has been linked to:

 - Better implementation of new systems  - Improved understanding of organizational culture
 - Improved job satisfaction  - Values that promote organizational learning
 - Increased creative productivity  - Leadership behaviors promoting change
 - Successful transformation efforts  - Identifying differences in sub-climate (divisions)
 - Efficient use of resources  - Successful development of new products / services
 - Employee health and well-being  - Effective reward and recognition programs
 - High performing teams and divisions  - Improved acceptance and management of diversity
 - Positive work attitudes  - Decreasing work-related stress

Next Steps: 

  • To Learn More About using the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) in your
            organization or to become qualified to use the SOQ please give us a call at 724-816-4999 
            or email MaxWilson@MaxInnovationGroup.com

  • To view a short presentation about the SOQ visit www.soqonline.net 


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