Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Assess Problem Solving Style

VIEW assesses a person’s preferences for solving problems.  This knowledge allows you to leverage these differences for innovative teamwork and to increase business performance.

VIEW™ is a short, easy-to-administer questionnaire developed specifically for the purpose of helping individuals and teams efficiently and effectively solve problems while promoting creativity.  Twenty-five years of research, development, and over 15,000 applications make the VIEW™ the powerful assessment it is today. 

VIEW™ is designed to help you take a proactive stance in establishing an environment in which team members can work to their full potential as an individual and as part of a team. VIEW™ puts you in a position to build strategies and plans for playing to people’s strengths and appreciating their differences.

VIEW™ Provides Results on 3 Dimensions of Problem Solving Style:

Orientation to Change: 

How people prefer to manage change or solve problems- to develop
     existing pathways or explore different pathways

Manner of Processing: 

Where people prefer to process information- internally or externally

Ways of Deciding: 

What people prefer to focus on when making decisions- the people or
    tasks at hand
VIEW™ is administered on-line.  Each participant receives a personal feedback form outlining their scores on each of the dimensions and implications for their results.

Impact of using and applying VIEW to improve productivity. 

A study was conducted by the Creative Problem Solving Group’s Research Unit in which they examined the impact that participating in the Creative Problem Solving Course (Igniting Creative Potential 3 day program) had on workplace productivity.  The VIEW is used in that program.  Three questions were asked in the survey relating to VIEW.  Participants reported the following increases.

The survey question:

Increase reported

     Learning about VIEW, I would rate my ability to lever style differences on teams as…


     Learning about VIEW, I would rate my ability to lead teams as…


     Learning about VIEW, I would rate my understanding of my style and its strengths as…


It is easy to see from the data above that individuals and teams, trained using the Creative Problem Solving Course, invokes the type of positive behavioral change needed to improve innovative performance in individuals, teams, that help to drive organizational success.

To read about all the increases reported in the survey click on this link to download the article: The Impact of Igniting Creative Potential: A focus on facilitation.

Next Steps:  To learn more about using VIEW™ in your organization, or to become qualified to
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