Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Benchmark Workplace Effectiveness

I need to understand the current reality of a working environment and its capacity for
      supporting and sustaining success in our innovation efforts.

Solution: Benchmark Workplace Effectiveness:  Applying the SOQ
                  1-2 day workshop

Purpose of this workshop:

  • To provide feedback and recommendations to the leadership team as to the effectiveness of the readiness of the climate to support creativity, innovation, and change. 

After applying some of the strategies developed in this workshop, leaders report observing:

  • Increased productivity in both individuals and teams
  • Successful development of new products and services
  • Improved work attitudes
  • Reduced work related stress
  • Successful transformation efforts
  • Improved acceptance and management of diversity
  • Improved employee health and well being

Program Objectives:

For an expanded version of this page which lists the educational and behavioral objectives, and rationale for considering climate, click on this site page link:  Benchmark Workplace Effectiveness Expanded.

Next Steps:  


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