Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth
Create Motivating Workplaces 

What are you currently doing to create the most productive workplace climates for 
    your people?

Our definition of an organization is a social system in which a person or group of people are brought together to accomplish a set of goals. How effective, efficient, and productive people are when working together is effected by external, transformational, and transactional forces, along with organizational and psychological processes- all interacting and impacting individual and organizational performance, well being, and therefore productivity. 

The impact of setting a productive workplace climate has also been shown to effect the bottom line.  




   If your strategic

   requirement is to

        and you need

     here are some of our solutions

… help in making
    innovation a strategic
    priority throughout the
    entire organization.



…leaders to develop
    workplace climates that
    motivate everyone to
    consistently perform at
    their very best.



…to understand the current
    reality of a working
    environment and its
    capacity for support and
    sustaining success in our
    innovation efforts.   



The Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) measures people’s perceptions of the climate for creativity, innovation and change in their immediate working environment and is used to help foster and maintain a climate that can support innovation and change.



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