Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Defining Innovation: A Systemic Approach

Despite the gargantuan nature of the challenge,
building a deep systematic capability for innovation,
is now the inescapable imperative for every company....

Source  Skarzynski, P. & Gibson, Rowan (2008).  Innovation to the Core (p 15).  Boston MA: Harvard Business





Systemic Approach to Innovation

The first step in building systemic capability for innovation is to define “innovation” in the context of the organization.  In helping our clients productively manage creativity, innovation, and change, we use and apply the following definitions in our work:

Innovation:  Thinking that leads to a new dimension of performance*.

Organization:   An organization is a social system in which a person or group of people 
                                            are brought together to accomplish a set of goals. 

Bringing the definitions together creates the following interactive definition for an Innovative Organization:  

Innovative Organization: a place in which everyone deliberately and productively:

  • Enables the Power in People to think, collaborate, and make better decisions for the
                                                                organization, team and tasks at hand
  • Creates Motivating Workplaces (climates) where people can perform at their very best thus
                                                                       improving productivity
  • Aligns Appropriate Processes that deliver on the type and level of innovation required 
  • Develops Valued Products (solutions) that meet the articulated, emergent, and or unarticulated
                                                           needs of active consumers

*This definition builds on Peter Drucker’s definition of innovation by realizing that all change happens through people.  

Our Systemic Model for Organizational Innovation

Using our comprehensive definition of an Innovative Organization we provide the following systemic model for innovation: 


Success is best achieved by taking a deliberate approach to build capabilities to quickly adapt to and manage the change and behaviors  that happen between and within all four organizational factors. Innovation starts with the thinking of people.  It is the reason all of our solutions focus on people first


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