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Develop High Performance Workplace Climates

I need leaders to develop workplace climates that motivate everyone to perform at their very best.


  Develop High Performance Workplace Climates
                  4-8 hour workshop

After engaging in this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the impact leaders have on productivity
  • Recognize the critical role leaders play in climate creation
  • Identify the 9 workplace factors that may be hindering innovative productivity 
  • Apply their personal action plan for creating a workplace climate where productivity improves  
        and innovation can flourish 
  • Differentiate between how their current workplace climates compares to the most
        innovative and stagnated climates
  • Distinguish the difference between the concepts of organizational culture and climate
  • Use the Model for Organizational Change to identify the transformational and transactional factors
        that have a bi-directional impact on organizational climate
  • Describe what the most successful organizations are doing to pull away from the pack

After engaging in this workshop leaders have been observed:

  • Creating a climate where people are motivated to perform at their very best
  • Setting a strategy for improving workplace climates
  • Paying more attention to the behaviors and outputs of those they lead
  • Applying climate improving strategies to increase individual and team performance

This workplace environment workshop helps leaders improve performance by:

  • Reducing the negative aspects and focus on the more positive aspects of workplace climate
  • Becoming more involved in the shaping of climate in which they and others work  
  • Creating awareness of how they perceive their current working climate. 
  • Providing a wide variety of proven strategies, which they can use to improve the climate at the
        individual, team, and organizational level 

Why this workshop?

Our work and research has shown that leaders who deliberately manage workplace “climate,” have an impact on individual, team,
and group productivity and innovative outputs between 40% - 80%.  When leaders leave “climate” up to chance impact drops to
between 2% - 4%.

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