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Develop Valued Products 

What do you think of when you hear the term "product?" 

There are as many processes organizations engage in to create and develop unique product offerings.  Processes may be classified by the type of output they produce.  They may range from highly developmental or adaptive outputs, disruptive outputs, to those processes that are more exploratory and tend to produce outputs that are more radical in nature.  Knowing the type and level of usefulness and novelty that the product must meet is critical to aligning the process that delivers the intended output- one that can get you there on time and within budget.

Our Systemic Model for Organizational Innovation shows that to be most effective and efficient in your product development efforts, time will also need to be spent:  

  • Creating a motivating workplace environment (climate)
  • Enabling people to work at their very best
  • Aligning processes most appropriate to achieving your goal

If product creation and development is the focus, then it is critical for everyone in organization to have a shared understanding of what products are.

Defining Product

In our work, we define a product as

“the output of a process that has been created to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.”  

Products (outputs) can be:

  • tangible (can be touched- e.g., a phone, a computer, a car, food, etc.) or
  • intangible (non-physical- e.g., a workplace environment, a process, an idea, a policy, a service, etc.).   

If an organization is to deliver on its strategic priority of innovation, and be efficient and effective in producing novel and useful products that have value and are consumed, it will be important to understand if the product we are going after today is intangible  (generating ideas that show potential for a clearly defined problem), or tangible (engaging mechanical processes to produce a coffee cup).  

Below are listed a few of our solutions to your possible “product” needs.  Click on any of the pictures or links to find out more about one of our solutions for that need. 



   If your strategic

   requirement is to

        and you need

     here are some of our solutions

… an outside facilitator to
     lead us in solving tough
     business problems. 


…our innovation pipeline to
    be continuously filled with
    new concepts, products
    and services.


…to explore the articulated,
    unarticulated, and
    emergent needs of




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