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I need to explore the articulated, unarticulated, and emergent needs of consumers. 

If there is any hope in predicting consumer behavior, it will be necessary to understand the needs of consumers. However, when queried, consumers can find it difficult to describe exactly what their real needs are and why they buy the products they do.  Many purchase by habits that had been formed long ago.

In a nutshell consumers purchase solutions that reduce the tension between what they have and what they think they need.  The challenge, and opportunity lies, in understanding  the broadest scope how to meet or develop the needs of consumers.  

The Need Product Development Grid below was created to show the need to explore:

  •  the current, emergent, or non-existing need of the consumers, and
  •  the current, adapted, or creation of totally new breakthrough products.

The grid also suggests that increases in market share may be gained in two ways:

  • by meeting or creating needs, wants, and desire for products in people, or
  • meet the needs of people by adapting existing products or creating new ones 


There are many ways our clients engage us in the development of new products and services. Those typically range from concept development sessions using our expert facilitation services to in-the-field exploration of consumer's unarticulated needs.   

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