Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Need for Innovation by Industry

Thinking that leads to a new dimension of performance is the definition of innovation we use as the foundation and application of our Systemic Model for Organizational Innovation.    This definition implies that it is the productive and focused thinking of people that leads to new dimensions of performance. 

If any industry is to survive it will be important for it to be creative at adapting and responding to change.  Change in the needs and desires of consumers, change in regulations, change in economies, and change in technology, only to name a few.  

Below is a list of industries for which we have provided a high-level, but limited, rationale for the current need for innovation in that industry.   You may download any of these articles for your personal use by clicking on the picture or industry name    If you wish to make copies or distribute any of these materials more broadly please contact us for permission to do so.   


Health Care
Hospitality & Food
Media & Telecommunications
Real Estate


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