Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Set The Foundation For Innovative Success

To create awareness and set the foundation for the success of the organization’s
       innovation efforts.


Solution:  Innovation Briefing
                1 -  8 hour workshop

After engaging in this workshop participants will be able to:  

  • Apply  the Systemic Model for Organizational Innovation
  • Differentiate between creativity and innovation
  • Recognize the role and impact leaders have on innovative productivity
  • Take action to improve a climate that supports innovation and change
  • Identify what separates the most successful innovative organizations from the least
  • Distinguish between some of the differences people have, and the way they react to creativity, innovation, and change
  • Innovation is more than an event, process, or product
  • Describe two different types of products organizations produce

After engaging in this workshop participants have been observed:

  • Increased acceptance of organizational innovation strategies, plans, and initiatives
  • Improved working attitudes between people and team members
  • Increase in productivity and delivery
  • New energy and focus for organizational innovation
  • Investigation into the alignment of current innovation strategies and directive to organizational success 
  • Increased appreciation and value for efficient and effective problem solving methods


 This workshop helps the organization succeed in its innovation efforts by:  

  • Providing a program that expands and then focuses on the critical aspects that impact innovative outputs
  • A common language for innovation that can be adopted throughout the organization
  • A premise and insight that everyone is creative
  • A comparative relationship between creativity and innovation
  • Best practice on what separates top-performing organizations from their lower-performing counterparts
  • Research on the impact leaders have on innovative productivity
  • Insights into the importance of creating innovative workplace
  • Suggesting a systemic model for innovation that organizations can use to build a deep, systematic, and sustaining capability for innovation.


Why this innovation briefing?   

Despite the gargantuan nature of the challenge, building a deep, 
   systematic capability for innovation is now the inescapable

   imperative for every company....

Skarzynski, P. & Gibson, Rowan (2008).  Innovation to the Core (p 15).  Boston MA: Harvard Business Press 


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