Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Set Innovation Strategies

I need help in making innovation a strategic priority throughout the entire organization. 

  Innovation Strategies Workshop
                 1-3 day workshop

After engaging in this workshop participants will be able to

  • Communicate the importance of making innovation a strategic
  • Apply strategies and tactics to improve innovative productivity
  • Use a specific set of tools to generate and focus on strategic questions
  • Develop and implement strategic plans
  • Relate strategic priorities back to the purpose, vision, mission, and direction of the organization

After engaging in this workshop participants have been observed:

  • Making better decisions and taking actions based on strategic need- not just in the urgency of
  • Achieving buy-in

This innovation strategies workshop leaders improve organizational innovation by: 

  • Expanding the role of strategic thinking in daily work
  • Learning tools for generating and focusing strategic questions
  • Applying a framework for implementing strategic plans
  • Engaging your entire leadership team in the creation of the strategy
  • Building consensus and commitment to the strategy
  • Creating a link between today’s activities and strategy
  • Maintaining a future focus in decision-making
  • Raising the level of thinking from now focused to future focused
  • Making strategy a day-to-day reality
  • Enabling your team to define and refine its strategic approach on an ongoing basis

Why this workshop?

Almost every organization has innovation as a strategic objective.  However, very few approach that goal with a research based analytical diagnosis and system.  The actions you are currently engaged in may not be the most productive way to sustain success.  To be most successful at creating your organizations future, it is critical that you understand and align your actions with your goals.

Three things are needed to move every business or organization forward into new levels of performance. First, there needs to be a clear understanding of where the organization wants to go (its desired future state).  Second, there is a need to know the current reality of the business.  And third, it is important to identify the key barriers that are stopping the organization from creating the desired future state.

Engaging in this Innovation Strategies Workshop gives you the time to work on your business versus in your business and let’s you take advantage of our expertise in creativity and innovation.  Helping you set clear visions and goals for innovation gives your business a foundation to design, align, and implement strategies for sustainable success and growth.  Through strategic thinking, scenario planning and other innovative techniques, we will help you set a vision and strategy for the future.

Applications to Strategic Thinking:

  • Creating a three year strategy
  • Cost reduction
  • Creating strategy to align with the organization’s vision

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