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About the Max Innovation Group

                     The Max Innovation Group is 
                 an applied research driven firm that 
              takes a four factor systemic approach to
               helping individuals, teams, and leaders
             think and perform like the top 5% of the 
  most successful innovative organizations in the world



      Name:     Glenn "Max" Wilson

         Title:     Principal, Max Innovation Group

        Role:     Innovation Strategist, Consultant, Speaker, Master Trainer, and Facilitator

 Degrees:     Masters Degrees in: Creativity and Innovation & Technology Education


Max Wilson is Principal of the Max Innovation Group, a firm dedicated to the enhancement and management of creative human potential in changing organizations.  Max's diverse  backgrounds are in academia, business, and technology.  Max has worked alone and in collaboration with the Creative Problem Solving Group Inc. (CPSB) throughout the US and Europe.  He is a CPSB: Associate;  Certified Facilitator; Certified International Trainer; SOQ Administrator and Debriefer and is an authorized distributor of CPSB brand products.


Max is also a Certified Facilitator, Development Dimensions International. Qualified to facilitate over 65 courses ranging from front line to upper-level leadership in topics focused on communication, leadership, and human performance. DDI is a world leader in fully-integrated HR products and services.


As an experienced facilitator and trainer, Max has applied his skills in new product and concept development, change management, organizational change initiatives, and problem-solving skill development for Global 100 and government agencies including, but not limited t IBM, P&G, Department of Defense (Pentagon), GE Medical, Citigroup, Alcatel-Lucent, Armstrong World Trade Brands, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, American University, International Masters Publishers, United Way, Datex-Ohmeda, and Irving Oil.


Max holds Masters Degrees in both Creativity and Innovation, and Technology Education.  Max also has compiled the third largest library in the world focused on creativity and innovation from 1850 to present and writes international book review, and has penned a 750 page reference guide of creativity & innovation resources that is currently being used to develop 8 creativity & innovation focused libraries around the globe.

He is a member of Mensa, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and for 19 years has been a judge on the International Jury for INPEX- the largest invention trade show in the US.


To schedule a time to discuss you or your organization’s innovation needs, give Max a call at 724-816-4999 or email MaxWilson@MaxInnovationGroup.com



For over 20 years Max has been a member of a professional community which includes the most highly regarded and recognized national and international consultancy organizations in the world.  The accessible community members comprise some of the top thought-leaders, researchers and practicing professionals in the field of creativity, innovation, human performance, and change management. 


Below are listed two world-class organizations Max is associated with. 




The Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc.



CPSB is an international center for applied research and development, promoting learning through organizational partnerships. CPS-B has been asked by clients to assist in areas such as New Product/Service Development, Building Creative Teams, Leadership Development, CPS Training & Facilitation, Organization and Team Climate Assessment & Development, Creativity & Innovation Consulting as well as keynote speeches on topics like Creativity, Innovation, Leadership & Organizational Climate.  



Success Force 


Success Force is a business performance improvement firm with over 30 years of successful experience working with businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries and geographies. Using advanced business approaches, Success Force experts help business owners, leaders and managers significantly improve the capability, performance... and ultimately the profitability... of their company.  In addition to traditional consulting services, Success Force has pioneered the use of hands-on management support to provide clients with more efficient ways of driving best practices into their business and sustaining the changes made.  




Max Wilson
Max Innovation Group
Ph: 724-819-4999

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