Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Vision, Mission, and Values


Driven by our Vision

We aspire to be recognized by our clients,
as trusted and irreplaceable partners,
in their quest to leverage creative potential
for sustained innovation and growth

Focused on our Mission

To use our skills as high quality innovation 
strategists, trainers,
facilitators, and researchers,
to empower people to contribute in meaningful ways
that lead
to improvements in the quality of life for
themselves, the organization, and society!


Emulate our Values

 We value:

  • Building and maintaining trust and consistency in all our relationships
  • Dialogue, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Diversity and differences in people
  • Achieving appropriate balance
  • Research and applied learning
  • Use of affirmative judgment


Next Step:
  Give us a call at 724-816-4999 or email MaxWilson@MaxInnovationGroup.com to
                           schedule a time to discuss you or your organization’s innovation needs. 



Max Wilson
Max Innovation Group
Ph: 724-819-4999

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